Friday, January 25, 2008

Upcoming event on February 20th with osteopath and craniosacral therapist

It's still a bit early, but for those who need longer planning for our
events, just a short notice to let you know that we have an upcoming
info-session on February 20th from 2 pm with a French osteopath and
craniosacral therapist.

From his self-introduction: Lionel Gougne has a private practice in
Tokyo since 2003 and about 40% of the patients coming to his clinic
for treatment are babies and children and he says he has amazing
results treating a very wide range of symptoms and health problems -
from common infantile disorders to emotional issues - with osteopathy
and craniosacral therapy. These are gentle, non-intrusive, and safe
manual medicines that provide an effective alternative to allopathic
medicine in many cases.

Lionel Gougne will be happy to introduce himself and talk about the
benefits of osteopathy and craniosacral therapy for pediatrics to us
and answer any questions we may have. His website:

We booked again a tatami room at the Jingumae Civic Center in Harajuku
for this event. Details about the meeting, location and fees (for the
room) etc will be sent out as usual before the meeting.

Thanks and see you all soon,
Andrea and Yuki
Tokyo New Mothers Group Coordinators